Atmosphere exclusively uses Davines products from Italy, offering the best nature-driven, science- enhanced products for the sustainable well-being of hair. The products are produced with 100% renewable energy, making them a Zero Impact® (carbon neutral) product line. Each product contains ingredients that offer immediate and targeted effects for specific hair needs, and are enriched with natural anti-oxidant and protective properties. Some natural active ingredients include: tomato, olive butter, Indian fig, chestnut milk, rocket (arugula), pistachio oil and grapefruit seed.

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Davines essential

The Essential haircare line contains specific characteristics and is designed to perform particular functions; nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protecting, elasticity, smoothness and daily care.

Atmosphere Salon Westford MA Davines

Davines more inside

More inside are the tools necessary for everyday styling.  These formulas are made up of precious blends with various active ingredients that perform a specific function—extra moisturizing, extra bounce, anti-flaking and texture.


Davines alchemic

The Alchemic System was created exclusively for colored hair (enhanced or natural) consisting of hydrolyzed milk proteins and direct pigments.  The system not only allows you to retain your existing color with a magnificent hue, but it also provides internal strength and protection to the hair while adding shine. 

davines-natural tech

Davines Naturaltech

Naturaltech is a line of products designed specifically to target hair and scalp ailments while incorporating sustainable beauty practices with cutting edge technology. NO sulfates, NO parabens, Anti-oxidant, Anti-radical, Anti- inflammatory

davines OI

Davines OI

OI is Davines’s best-selling product line.
One of OI’s master ingredients, Roucou Oil, which is originally from the Amazon has reconstructing properties when applied to the hair.  Also, alongside many other ingredients, this product line is ideal for obtaining immediate results.

davines su

Davines SU

SU will protect you before, during and after sun exposure.
SU is formulated with citrus myrtifolia, an ingredient that is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and pro vitamin B5, allowing deep hydration for the hair and skin.  The UV filters in this product line are designed to protect colored hair from sunrays all while leaving the hair nourished and silky soft. 

davines-hair assistant

Davines Your Hair Assistant

Experience the art of blow drying. Your Hair Assistant product line provides the essential tools to create your perfect blow out, all while providing heat protection, shorter drying times, and anti-humidity.


Davines Finest Pigments

Finest pigments is Davines’ direct color line formulated with up to 98% naturally derived ingredients while being ammonia free and requiring no activation source. Some of these active/natural ingredients are: walnut, ginger, saffron and rose oil.

davines-mew colour

Davines a new colour

Davines’ A New Colour is permanent hair color that delivers amazing results without the use of ammonia.  This gentle formula leaves the hair soft and conditioned while the pigments deliver vibrant, long lasting hair color.

davines mask vib

Davines Mask Vibrachrom

Mask Vibrachrom is a permanent color cream system that provides maximum coverage of gray/white hair.  The Vibrachrom technology is composed of a quinoa protein extract, while also beign rich in omega 9s.  Mask Vibrachrom instills extra shine, has a high conditioning effect, and gives an outstanding duration of the color itself.