Atmosphere Trivia Quiz

Here is a Trivia Quiz to see how much you know about Atmosphere Salon. The answers can all be found on our website. During the month of February, you can complete the quiz below and the first five people to have all 15 correct answers will win a complimentary wash and blow dry!  (No purchase is necessary.) You can click here and download, print, complete and bring the quiz to the salon.

The questions are not difficult … but you’ll need to scroll around the website to find the answers, if you don’t know them already!  Good luck!

1. What anniversary year is Atmosphere Salon celebrating in 2018?

2. What is the name of the year-long Celebration for the Atmosphere Salon Anniversary in 2018?

3. What is one word used to describe owner, Wendy Hopkins?

4. Who Is Chelsea Jones and what does she do at the Salon?

5. Atmosphere Salon caters to ___________________ and ___________________ .

6. Atmosphere Salon exclusively uses ______________________________product from _______________________________.

7. What did Wendy sell to fund the opening of Atmosphere?

8. What system was created for hair that has been colored to retain vibrant color and shine and provide internal strength to the hair?

9. Name the 5 members of the Atmosphere Salon Team!

10. What permanent color system provides maximum coverage on gray/white hair?

11. At Atmosphere, you’ll get expert care … a friendly smile and maybe a hug … but you won’t get ________________________.

12. What’s inside the Glam Room?

13. What days are Atmosphere Salon closed?

14. What environmental association has certified Atmosphere Salon as a member?

15. What is happening each month in 2018 at Atmosphere Salon?

Don’t delay! The first five people in the month of February to submit their Trivia Quiz with all 15 questions answered correctly will win a complimentary wash and blow dry!